TMJ Essentials Course

TMD Essentials Course

This seminar is specifically designed for all Dental professionals
to enhance their diagnostic knowledge of TMJ and Bruxism.  
4 AGD CE credits will be earned by each participant. 
An overview of the anatomy and physiology of the temporomandibular joint
The basics of temporomandibular joint disorders and bruxism
Screening for these disorders will be discussed at length
Evidence that clenching and bruxing is a compensatory mechanism for a collapsing airway
Practical steps to screen for TMD & Sleep Disordered Breathing in a general dental practice
An overview of how this applies to the treatment of TMJ and Sleep Disorders will make this a clinically relevant experience 
Holiday Inn Express Cypress
10520 Huffmeister RD Cypress, TX 
EARLY BY 5/1/17 DDS— $75 Staff—$25
AFTER 5/1/17 DDS—$99 Staff—$50
4 Hours of AGD CE Credit earned

Advance Course in Combination Therapy
The Woodlands, TX
July 21, 2017

Always wanted to know how to implement Combination Therapy into your practice?  When is it a necessary sleep treatment modality? 
Combination Therapy is a critical treatment option that every sleep dentist should be able to offer their patients with sleep disordered breathing. Both Type I (MAS with a CPAP) and Type II (CPAP attached to the MAS) Combination Therapy will be accomplished in the course including the fabrication of the TAP-PAP Custom Mask. Patient management with emphasis of working with a CPAP machines and the Sleep Physician will help the participant know how to add this critical therapy to the challenging cases.
Ronald S. Prehn, DDS, ThM, Jerald H. Simmons, MD
Call for complete agenda, room block info, welcome packet and
instructions on getting CM shells fabricated.

12 Hours of AGD CE Credit earned
You are encouraged to bring a Clinical Assistant at no extra charge.

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