Our Mission, Vision, Values

Our Vision Statement

To serve those with Facial Pain and Sleep Disordered Breathing from Houston and beyond, with Competency, Character, and Compassion.

Our Mission Statement

• We will endeavor to use our God given talents to serve our patients, referring doctors, dentists and staff. 
• We will strive to identify all of the contributing factors of our patients’ medical conditions related to pain and sleep, by addressing the total patient; including their physical, emotional and spiritual needs, with using state of the art diagnostic and appropriate treatment procedures. 
• Our goal is to serve, by maintaining a comfortable, empathetic and loving environment, while pointing all to Christ by our competency, character and compassion.
• We want to be a light to the dark world of facial pain and sleep breathing disorders in south Texas and beyond.
• Pain can affect the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of a person’s life. We are committed to addressing all three when a patient presents for our office in pain.
• Orofacial Pain and headaches have many contributing factors involving both medical and dental science. We are committed in bridging that “no man’s land” between the two professions where many patients in pain find themselves. 
• Sleep disordered breathing can have a profound effects on many aspects of a person’s health, including facial pain. These effects can even be life threatening or reduce the length of life.
• We will strive to collaborate with our Physician colleagues to treat Sleep Disordered Breathing at the highest possible standard of care for the benefit of our patients and of our profession as a whole. Building bridges to Physicians will result in the highest level of care for our patients. 
• While we may not be able to treat everyone who come to us, it is our mission that any patient who is experiencing pain or sleep breathing issues, or Dentist and medical practitioner who wants to know what is causing facial pain or headache in their patient, will have access to our knowledge, experience and compassion for an accurate diagnosis. 
• Our fees are consistent with our mission in that they are as low as they possibly can be in order for us to keep our doors open and deliver quality care consistent with our values. We are committed to remain available to all those who desire to know about their condition. 

Our Values 

Competence-driven by excellence in medical care.
• “Make sure you do good medicine before you speak” C. Everett Koop, M.D.
• There is no place for mediocrity in quality, compassionate medicine.
• Competence is the front door of influence through which people will trust the doctor and staff to treat their pain.

Character-reflecting our integrity and authenticity.
• Without character, every action is fraud.
• Character is what drives the actions of people who care for others.
• What you see in a person of character, is what there is. The attributes that are visible reflect the core of what and who the person is.

Compassion-people don’t care how much we know until they know how much we care.
• Compassion is the logical end of grace. Grace is receiving or giving what is not deserved. If we receive grace, then we should respond in compassion to others.
• Our speech and actions are driven by compassion.
• Without compassion everything is driven by selfish ambition and vain conceit. No patient in pain can ever benefit from medical care without compassion.

Community-provides the consistence in quality care.
• Staff unity is essential to the delivery of quality care. It is the glue that provides consistency of care from the phone call to the end of treatment.
• Patients become part of that community. When people care for each other, there is a community that becomes the environment that true care and love can be expressed and accomplished.

Positive Influence-making a positive difference in the lives of those we serve.
• Our reward is knowing we have made a difference in someone’s life.
• We value the positive impact on someone’s life and the resulting change in their point of view as they take control of their pain.
• This has a positive effect on all the people in the patient’s life, that is, their family, friends and co-workers.

• To work with other medical and dental professionals will only benefit the patient as brings expertise and experience to help solve complicated medical conditions. 
• Particularly in treating sleep disordered breathing diagnosis of sleep disorders fall beyond the scope of Dentistry, so collaboration with Physicians in imperative for a proper diagnosis for the patient. 
• Working with the Physician also enables us to give the patient many more treatment options in both pain and sleep. 
• Pain is can also have many causes at the same time, so to work our Physician colleagues in treatment of some of these causes will help the patient achieve therapeutic goals.  

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