What Our Patients Say

“I dislocated my jaw in a car accident leaving the discs out of place. I couldn't even open my mouth more than an inch after 2 years of "treatment" and then I was introduced to Dr. Prehn. Since being treated by you some 20 years ago I have lived virtually pain free in my TM joints even though on an xray they look incorrect they function perfectly. I'm forever grateful to you for that. It's so awesome to see you effecting positive change for so many people. Keep up the great work!!” 

J. Kaye Marshall 

“I’m not sure if I have ever given a review before but after receiving treatment from Dr. Prehn & his staff at REstore, I knew I wanted to take a few minutes and share my experience. 

For the last 3-4 years I have been dealing with extreme exhaustion. I was always feeling very tired and having little to no energy at all. This has affected my attitude as well and my work performance and even the relationships I have with friends and family. I did not think for even a second that it had anything to do with my sleeping pattern as I generally felt like I slept well each night. I went to my family Dr. of over 15 years 3-4 times about this issue. He tested my blood work, sent me to see numerous specialists over the years including an endocrinologist. They could not figure out what the problem was at all. They did testing for “Low T”, Diabetes and who knows what else over the years. My symptoms were really having an effect on my life in a negative way because I am generally a very healthy person who’s full of energy. One day I had a check-up with my dentist and I shared with her what I had been experiencing. Even though I told her that I do not snore and felt like I slept well most every night she still insisted that I explore the possibility that I may have a sleep issue. I was referred to Dr. Prehn and was told that he was one of the best in the country. I must admit that I reluctantly agreed to go to the appointment because my family Dr. insisted that was not the issue and I trusted him very much. After a few appointment with Dr. Prehn I am proud to report that I am back to my old self and full of energy and leading a much more productive life at work & home than I was over the last 3-4 years. I can’t thank him and his wonderful staff enough for what they have done for me. Thanks you Dr. Prehn & the entire REstore team! You guys are the best!”

John Oborny

“Dr. Prehn and I have been working together, providing patient care, for almost 15 years. It has been a great opportunity for me to be able to collaborate with a dentist who has brought dentistry to the next level. I have referred extremely challenging patients to him, and he along with his office, provide my patients top level care. We have had patients come from other parts of the country and other parts of the world to obtain the care here they are unable to obtain elsewhere. I recommend Dr. Prehn and his practice without any hesitancy. For these reasons I give them a 5 star rating!”

Dr. Jerald Simmons

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